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Nestled in a stunning bay shared by Normandy and Brittany, Mont Saint Michel and its bay are among the most picturesque sites in France. This mediaeval architectural marvel was constructed in the 8th century in a Romanesque style and was later rebuilt in a Gothic style in the 13th century. Mont-Saint-Michel was counted among the most important pilgrimage destinations in Christendom during the mediaeval era.

It also functioned as a military base during the Hundred Years War and a prison during the French Revolution. Later, the property was designated as a national landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, Mont-Saint-Michel is a major tourist site, attracting millions of people each year due to its aesthetic and religious significance.

Practical information

Mont Saint Michel
  • Access to Mont-Saint-Michel and hence to the abbey can be hampered for several days at a time during high tides.

  • The walk to the abbey consists of 350 steps, and there is no elevator.

  • Suitcases, luggage, and even a carrying bag are not permitted inside Mont Saint-Michel.

  • Knives and scooters are not allowed at the monument.

  • Except for guide and assistance dogs, no animals are permitted.

  • It is prohibited to smoke or eat at Mont Saint-Michel.

  • Site entry can be challenging for persons with limited mobility.

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Events in Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel Bay
  • High Tide Evenings

High tide evenings at the Mont Saint-Michel are a must-see! If you get to Mont Saint-Michel in time, you can see the mount turn into an island as the English Channel reclaims the harbour.

  • Christmas Lights

Mont Saint-Michel looks especially magnificent during Christmas when the streets are lined with radiant Christmas trees. On the festive occasion, almost seven kilometres of lightbulbs are strung along the island's and abbey's walls to commemorate the event.

  • The Christian Art Festival

The Christian Art Festival is held every summer on the square in front of the Jerusalem Cross. It is among the free events at Mont Saint-Michel that is open to the public and provides a chance to discover artists who are inspired by the mystical ambience of Mont Saint-Michel.

  • Jazz on the Bay

Jazz on the Bay is a spectacular music festival featuring concerts, masterclasses, film screenings, and workshops for people interested in learning about music.

  • The Mont Saint-Michel Bay Marathon

The Mont Saint-Michel Bay Marathon is one of the most popular annual events in Mont Saint-Michel. The race comprises athletes from thirty different nationalities and traverses the English Channel coastline, allowing them to appreciate their natural surroundings while sprinting for first place.

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Know Before You Go

Mont Saint Michel Location & Timings
Best time to visit Mont Saint-Michel
How to reach Mont Saint Michel


The tidal island is located approximately 1 km off the Normandy coast at the mouth of the Couesnon River, a few kilometres north of the Normandy/Brittany border in northwestern France.

Opening times of the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel

  • Between May 19 and August 30, Mont Saint Michel timing is 9 AM to 7 PM.

  • From September 1 and April 30, Mont Saint Michel timing for visitors is 9.30 AM to 6 PM.

  • Mont Saint Michel remains closed for visitors on January 1 (New Year), May 1 (Labour Day), and December 25 (Christmas).

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Is Mont Saint Michel wheelchair accessible?

While some areas of Mont Saint-Michel, including the shuttle, are wheelchair accessible, the rest of the island has steep steps and cobblestone streets that are difficult to access on a wheelchair.

Is there storage at Mont Saint-Michel?

Yes, storage facilities are available at Mont Saint-Michel which are located near the car park.

What are the Mont Saint Michel Abbey timings?

From May 19 to August 30, Mont Saint Michel remains open between 9 AM to 7 PM and From September 1 and April 30, its timings are from 9.30 AM to 6 PM.

When is Mont Saint Michel Abbey closed?

Mont Saint Michel is closed on January 1 (New Year), May 1 (Labour Day), and December 25 (Christmas).

What is the best time to visit Mont Saint Michel?

The best time to visit Mont Saint-Michel is between the months of May and September, as the weather is pleasant during these months.

What is Mont-Saint-Michel famous for?

Mont Saint-Michel is renowned for its marvellous architecture and rich cultural heritage. It is among the most picturesque locations in Europe and looks straight out of a fairytale. Various music and art events are also held here every year and attract a large number of tourists.

Is Mont St Michel worth visiting?

Mont Saint Michel in Normandy is definitely worth a visit due to its breathtaking beauty and religious and cultural history. Moreover, it hosts a variety of fascinating events that are a must-see!

Why was Mont St Michel built?

The construction of Mont Saint Michel began in 708 when the Bishop of Avranches, Saint-Aubert, chose to build a tomb in honour of Archangel St. Michael following a divine vision.

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