About Mont Saint Michel Bay

A recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mont Saint Michel Bay is also one of the most beautiful bays in France, in addition to being a Special Protection Zone. The Mont Saint Michel Bay France also doubles up as an intertidal zone, which means that when it clears up after the tides recede, the bay becomes a natural reserve for different species of birds, including osprey, avocet and more. In addition to more than 130 different species of birds that you can catch sights of here, you can also find a number of migratory birds, such as wigeon and bean goose, in the bay.

Ranked amongst the most spectacular attractions and sights in all of France, the Mont Saint Michel Bay is also shared by Normandy and Brittany, and becomes filled with water during high tides or spring tides, thereby turning Mont Saint Michel into an island. The tidal range of this bay can go up to 14 metres on some days, thereby transforming it into a place with exceptional biodiversity. Besides the many birds, you can also find a wide array of fish species in the bay, including seals and dolphins.

Rich Flora and Fauna at Saint Michel Bay

Mont Saint Michel Bay
  • Registered as a Special Protection Zone, the Mont Saint Michel Bay serves as a natural habitat for several fish and underwater species, including seals and dolphins.

  • These sea mammals follow the warm currents of the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the coastline of Normandy, located close to the Mont Saint Michel Bay.

  • Besides that, you can also spot more than hundred species of birds, both native as well as migratory here.

  • The bay is also a breeding ground for a wide range of maritime flora, such as the Salicornia plant, which thrives in the bay and the salt meadows here.

  • You can also find oysters along with several thousand tons of other types of shellfish on the shores of the Mont Saint Michel Bay every year.

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Tides of Mont Saint Michel Bay

Mont Saint Michel Bay
  • Every month, you can catch sights of low, high as well as extreme tides at the Mont Saint Michel Bay. Additionally, a few times every year, these tides can get extremely dangerous.

  • For a major part of every month, there are extremely high tides here, which turn Mont Saint Michel into an island, while the low tides on other days let you experience spectacular views of the ocean bed, and the Mont Saint Michel Bay Walk.

  • These are times when you can even walk on the sand around the island, since there is little to no water here at all.

  • However, for a few days in the year, these tides can become very dangerous, changing the entire region very quickly.

  • On such occasions, the sand can also become quite unstable, even making a person sink into it, just like quicksand.

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